1. HSC Committee

1.1 Overview

  • HSC’s Committee oversee the Collective and is made of 10 members: Two co-Directors and eight members (10 members in total).

  • The main role of the Committee is to promote the aims of the Collective, network with members, and to actively engage with HSC’s research activities.

  • The Committee is  relied upon for advice and oversight to ensure the continuation of HSC’s programmes.

  • To best meet the team’s aims, committees for Membership, Communication, Programmes, and Research are set-up. Each committee is comprised of a Chair, and three additional members who are appointed by the HSC Committee.


1.2 Term of Service

  • HSC Committee's term of service normally lasts for three years.
  • After three years of service, a committee member who may wish to continue to serve in the Committee may continue to do so upon a review of his/her service by the HSC co-founders.
  • If a Committee member resigns their post before the end of their service, the co-founders may choose to nominate temporary members.
  • The HSC committee should meet a minimum of twice a year (virtually or in person).

2. Membership

  • HSC membership is free and permanent.
  • Registration, update on information, and resignation of a membership are all managed through the website.

3. HSC Communications

  • HSC maintains an active web presence that includes:
    • HSC Website
    • Regular Newsletters sent to all members
    • Social media accounts
  • The communication tools listed above is managed by the Communications Sub-Committee.

  • Additional websites may be developed by HSC Committee when needed, providing that information and visual identity is consistent with HSC’s main website.